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Spoleto Festival USA 2016

February 29, 2016

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Hoarder’s Heir

February 23, 2016

Hoarder’s Heir is made up of the dynamic prop duo Kenneth Hyatt and Justin Schram. They bring a rich, collected and unique aesthetic to their work. It was so inspiring to bring their approach to life in the new brand we created for them. With a wide range of illustrations, the execution of the brand is endless.

Sideshow Press Product Photography

February 18, 2016

Images from our recent shoot with Peter Frank Edwards for Sideshow Press.

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The Market materials

February 16, 2016

Bespoke butchery goods for The Market. See their logo development here.

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L Magazine

February 9, 2016

One issue a year just isn’t enough. The editors at Legends Magazine are introducing L Magazine, a supplimental issue to be released in the Fall of each year. Enjoy a look into the first issue of L.

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February 3, 2016

New work for Wildhive, a company who specializes in agriculture, food and lifestyle marketing.