Mixson Bath and Racquet Club

September 12, 2012

When we heard Mixson, a new community within the Park Circle neighborhood in North Charleston, was opening a Bath and Racquet Club, we were beyond excited! Over the past several months we’ve been working with Mixson to brand and plan a launch event for this new alternative to the traditional swim and social club . The first step was to invite a group of influential Charlestonians to become the founding members. Each of the newest members will receive a hand delivered invitation to the club, complete with a printed towel and map to the property all neatly packaged with a feathered shuttlecock. We are continuing to work on materials to carry the brand through to the event. A member handbook, website, canteen bags, membership cards, custom printed wristbands and headbands are all in the works and will make this new kind of club make a big splash!


Client: Mixson

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