January 15, 2012

We just completed this self-promo for one of our favorite writers and people, Sandy Lang. Sandy came to us with the great idea to create tiny note books housed in match books. We love how this promo not only showcases her talent, but also her love for all things tiny. Each match book was packaged in a patterned envelope along with a tiny orange pencil. Sideshow Press letterpressed and assembled these adorable match books.

Client: Sandy Lang

2 Responses to “Unmatched”

  1. Jae Dollason says:

    I to have one of those loves for all things tiny. These are just so sweet and adorable. I absolutely love the letter pressed back & orange pencil!

    -Jae Dollason

  2. Megan says:

    What a fun project! I would love to have one of those to toss in my purse to have on hand to write down random ideas and doodles.