Dom Demarcos

December 13, 2011

Di Fara Pizza on Avenue J in Brooklyn has been making award-winning handcrafted pizzas since 1964. Stitch was excited to recently be a part of taking those mouthwatering pizzas West to Las Vegas. We helped refresh their existing brand and broaden its graphic reach. In addition to the menu design, we created a series of rubber stamps for use on restaurant materials. You’ll see these stamp on any and everything from pizza boxes to wine tags to the menus themselves. We also designed custom masking tape for use on similar restaurant items, making it easy to customize the pieces in a unique way.

Client: Dom Demarco's

3 Responses to “Dom Demarcos”

  1. Jae Dollason says:

    oh that menu is so beautiful AND IT’S MAKING ME HUNGRY! …ahhhh i want a vegetarian without cheese 😀 If only it weren’t in las vegas </3


  2. cristina says:

    Love the way you made all of the different fonts worked together so beautifully to make it cohesive & fluid. always impressed to see strong design that is so easy on the eyes.