The Gilded Lobster

July 27, 2012

We have had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects with Deanna Amorello in the past and are excited to share the finished product for Deanna’s latest venture, The Gilded Lobster. The Gilded Lobster is a creative studio offering a variety of services in steadfast devotion to her design philosophy, celebrating classic style with a pinch of glam. Some of the services Deanna will be providing include; creative art direction, interior consultation, event coordination and custom gift giving. And, with a name like The Gilded Lobster, our inspiration was endless. We have had such a good time illustrating and bringing this new brand to life. Check back soon to see and hear about the launch of her blog “Around the Pound”, her website and stationery package.

Client: The Gilded Lobster

3 Responses to “The Gilded Lobster”

  1. Mary Frances says:

    Pretty! What a fun project this must have been!

  2. JaeDollason says:

    This is so cute! I love the color scheme and type treatment. Archer is one of my favorite fonts. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Paul says:

    I feel it. It’s very clean and feels very solid to me. Well done.